Triumphs Are To Be Shared
Hello! My name is Carson, and welcome to my blog! This blog will feature inspiring quotes, pictures, anecdotes, etc,. You can read more about me on the 'About Me' page, and why I've created this blog on the 'Mission' page. I accept submissions, asks - anon or otherwise - and am always available to talk if you need someone. Seriously. Don't ever be afraid to contact me! This blog exists because I'm trying to make some changes - a lot of them, actually - and I wanted a place to catalogue my triumphs. All too often, people share their problems - *cough* facebook *cough* - but never their triumphs, and it's my opinion that triumphs are meant to be shared. The images found on this blog are obtained elsewhere - google, pinterest, stumbleupon, to name a few - but I do not ever remove credit. I give credit where it's due!
Be Happy
aspire. inspire. persevere. conquer. live.